I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting tired of  their own bullshit.

- Elizabeth Gilbert 


Is coaching for me?

Life coaching can help if you:

  • Feel generally “okay” but find yourself longing for something more in your life

  • Feel stuck or stagnant, and know you're not living up to your full potential

  • Are seeking change in your life  (e.g. shifts in relationships, launching a business, weight loss, taking a bold leap toward your dream)

  • Lack confidence and feel tired of not being seen

  • Typically operate under a sense of anxiety or overwhelm

  • Are ready to commit to taking action and designing a life you are ridiculously proud of

Coaching is not for you if you: 

  • Are looking for someone else to solve your problems
    (Spoiler: it won't work, you must be ready to show up and do the work)

  • Want to spend time dwelling in past events and hardships
    (Unlike therapy that may spend time digging deeply into the past, life coaching is action oriented and future focused. We may discuss the past, we won't dwell there long)

  • Are working through a major life trauma (deep grief, family tragedy, sexual abuse) or struggling with thoughts of self-harm or suicide
    (Seeking help through these situations is critical, however a psychologist, medically trained professional, or therapist whose practice focuses in these areas will be much better suited to your healing and recovery)

How does it work?

A coaching relationship is a partnership, which means you’ll need to come to the table with an open heart and mind. My coaching is all about real talk. Our sessions will be fun-filled, joy-filled, and may include some tears and moments of frustration, too. In the end, if you’re willing to commit to the work, it will be absolutely worth it - because you are worth it.

At the beginning of our coaching journey, we’ll spend time deep-diving into pain points and areas of dissatisfaction.  Together, we’ll create a roadmap to ensure our sessions focus on elevating you to exactly where you want to be. As you grow and new revelations unfold, we'll adjust your plan accordingly to ensure you’re always working toward what you need.

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and conducted via phone for maximum convenience. Between sessions, you’ll receive homework assignments that will allow you to reinforce our work through real life applications.


Are you ready to experience soul-filling change in your life? Whether it’s feeling more joy on a daily basis, building new or breaking old habits, amplifying confidence, or setting out to accomplish a new feat, I'd love to work with you.