If you’ve often longed for community and connection, perhaps you’ve landed at just the right place at just the right moment in time. Perhaps.

The art of community gathering has nearly disappeared in our current culture. The intentionality and beauty it once held for our ancestors has been broken away as we segment ourselves further and further away from one another. While we long for true connection and community more than ever, outside of florescent filled offices, we often wait for routine birthday or holiday celebrations to simply gather.

Why gather? It’s in our DNA. Our very nature. To connect. To see one another in our light, in our shadow, and to share the gift of human companionship and understanding. To teach, to learn, to support, to be held, and to be in community, is perhaps one of the most beautiful and necessary gifts we could give to ourselves.

This particular offering has been in my heart for many years as I searched to discover find my own path to community. My heart is humbled to create this space to share with you. If you feel pulled to deepen your connection to self, to the earth, and to others, I’d love to welcome you to gather with us.

Sunday, October 20th, 1-3pm
culver city, ca - Private Residence

Intuitive Painting Circle

It’s time to play! Connect with yourself, a circle of new friends, and the spirit of curiosity and exploration as we dive into intuitive painting. No prior experience required. This is not a task of skill but rather the art of play with no rules attached.

All supplies will be provided.
Everyone will leave with their very own 11x14 canvas masterpiece.

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Tuesday, november 12th, 7pm
culver city, ca - Private Residence

Full Moon Circle

The full moon reminds us to reflect, go within, release, and create intentional space for the next season of change. Following the traditions of ancestors gone before, we’ll gather outdoors for an evening in nature. We’ll learn about ourselves and each other as we sit around a campfire, share in ancient story-telling, and close the evening with a full moon releasing ceremony.

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Past Events

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Monday, September 23th 7pm
culver city, ca - Private Residence

Autumn Equinox Circle

As the summer comes to a close, we welcome the shifting of the seasons and the newness of energy it brings. Join us as we gather in circle to celebrate the equinox and deepen our connection to the learnings of our greatest teacher, nature.

This intimate gathering will take place in my personal home. Come prepared to sink into community, your inner wisdom, and be filled with the wonder of a new season.