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Unearthing Identity

We live in a world filled with eccentricity, and yet it can feel difficult to not only understand who we are as we stand in this world, but to heal, accept, and embrace all sides of who we are.  

We believe unearthing identity means journeying through a better understanding of the multifaceted self. It means embracing our essential selves, honoring them, recognizing the steps we’ve taken on our journey thus far and meeting ourselves just exactly where we are today. This process is a journey, and this journey requires us to unearth pain, grit and release old stories and habits that are no longer serving us before we can learn to work with the many dueling sides of selves.

This gathering will be a combination of coaching, group sharing, journaling, and breathwork meditation.  

Sunday, September 16th 5pm - 7:30pm
Manhattan Beach, CA

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