Making friends with fear

Let's face it, fear sucks!

You know that uncomfortable, overwhelming, "how the heck do I escape" feeling that can take over in certain situations? It’s natural to want to run away as fast as possible, but what if I told you all the juicy bits of the life you crave are tucked away on the other side of fear?

Whether it's taking a non-traditional job path, carving out time to explore and travel more, or breaking off those unhealthy friendships that you're entertaining purely out of obligation... it gets better, when we are willing to work with the fear. Mind you, I didn't say erase, eradicate, or crush the fear. Let's not get carried away. We're hard-wired towards safety and comfort, (which is what fear does a great job at providing). Fear is along for the ride, my friends. But, it doesn't have to be the one doing the driving. 

This week, the delightful Aisling FitzGibbon and I sat down to discuss fear on her podcast, The Aisling & Richie show. Join us for the conversation, won't you? 

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Leigha May