Hola! from Ecuador


Hello, my wonderful friends! This note is being typed from my patio in Banos, Ecuador where I am currently living in this gorgeous valley surrounded by breathtaking mountainous views and the active Tungurahua volcano! I've kicked off my 2019 with 3-months of travel and exploration to integrate my word of the year, "rewilding." Rewilding for me is a remembering of our original calling. The sun rises each morning, still on its original path. Never questioning its purpose, what it needs to accomplish, or who to please. It simply shines as it was meant to. The bees wake up each day (now writing this, I'm suddenly curious about the sleep patterns of bees, but later), with purpose and intent for the day. To follow their path, to do what they were created to do. In the complexity of being human, we have the incredible opportunity to seek and discover and perhaps even choose our path. However, we also have the ability to forget to be intentional and slip into patterns and the "shoulds" of work and family life. For me, rewilding is a call to remembering, stripping away the noise, and more deeply connecting to my nature and my purpose. 

What's your purpose? My purpose is to teach and support others, helping them to dream big, and intentionally design the lives they crave. To live each day with purpose and passion. To be proud of the way they spend the moments of their precious life. We do this deep work through connection with self, with nature, and play.

As I think of you all from Ecuador, I hope that you are enjoying an intentional January. If not, perhaps you can take a few moments today to sit and write down the ways in which you want this new year to feel and the ways you will honor that feeling by creating space in your calendar and actions. 

For those of you who are ready for the deep work and crave 1:1 support and guidance, never fear, I am still coaching while traveling. Reach out if you have questions or want to schedule a complimentary session to see if working together is a good match. 

Leigha May